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Best Lens for Newborns: As Seen by Janine

Olive with Mom and Dad

Newborns: As Seen by Janine is the latest development in my photography business!

Olive in Brown Basket with Mom's Wedding Bouquet

Olive in Brown Basket with Mom’s Wedding Bouquet

A natural follow-up to adding weddings to my services in 2013 was newborn photography. My chance came with the arrival of Olive Jolie Paciotti the first week of November, daughter of Eric and Steph Paciotti, whose wedding I photographed during Colorado’s Great Flood in September 2013. Total joy was the experience of photographing Olive at 3-weeks-old and also getting a gorgeous family photo with her parents! (more…)

Sale on Dan Bailey’s Photography eBooks!

FWLsm3Dcover 315x399

Dan Bailey is having a 25% off sale on all of his photography eBooks for the month of July! These include: How to Become a Pro Photographer, Making the Image, and Going Fast With Light.

To order  Dan’s books, click on any of the book images in this post, which are my affiliate links so your order will help to support As Seen by Janine, as well as helping  you to become a better photographer. Be sure to use the promo code:  JULY25 when ordering to get your 25% discount.


Optimizing My Lightroom Catalog and Photo Storage System – How David Marx Saved Me a World of Hurt!

Adobe Photoshop Lightroom 3 Image

About a year ago, I learned that any really serious photographer knows they need to be using Adobe Photoshop Lightroom in order to take advantage of the best there is for professional photo management.

Nonetheless, sadly, for the past year I have been floundering with a very poorly organized workflow and storage system, resulting in far less than optimum use of my Lightroom’s capabilities. That is, until I came across what, in my mind, was like finding the absolute MOTHER LODE OF LIGHTROOM AND IMAGE STORAGE TUTORIALS by David Marx on!  (more…)

X-Rite ColorMunki Color Calibration System Reviewed


Oh, how I love, love, love my X-Rite ColorMunki color calibrator!


What makes me especially partial to the ColorMunki Design model I use is that it not only color calibrates my  computer’s display, but it also calibrates my printer to match my display, making perfect home prints possible on the first try, every try.  (more…)

Review – Forget Mugshots: 10 Steps to Better Portraits by David duChemin

David duChemin's Portrait of Toshu Boru in Ethiopia

David duChemin is a photographer who has a genuine understanding of how to make a portrait which evokes a deep and profound reaction in the viewer. (more…)

Table of Contents Plus + Dynamic To Top Plugins = User-Friendly Long Posts & Improved SEO!

Sample Post with Table of Contents Plus & To Top Button

Long posts seemed destined to be my problem children forever! Photography tutorials, comprehensive gear reviews, and step-by-step, behind-the-scenes technical write-ups about photo shoots are all examples of blog posts which don’t lend themselves to short posts. TOC + is the answer…. (more…)

When Dan Bailey Talks, Smart Photographers Listen!


Call me a Dan Bailey groupie if you will; it’s okay, I don’t mind. I can live with that because I know the truth, which is this:  When Dan Bailey Talks, Smart Photographers Listen(more…)

Daniel Bailey’s “Going Fast With Light” eBook Reviewed

Dan Bailey’s Going Fast With Light

I was super-excited when I learned Daniel Bailey’s newest eBook was going to be about “Going Fast With Light.”  This eBook is an outstanding resource, whether you’re totally new to off-camera flash, or you’re a pro photographer looking for ways to lighten up your arsenal of off-camera lighting gear! (more…)

"As Seen by Janine: Eyes of the World Images Photo Blog"  by Janine Fugere. 

Come take a look at the world "As Seen by Janine." 

My cameras and lenses are my "Eyes of the World."  Please enjoy the view! 

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