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Best Lens for Newborns: As Seen by Janine

Olive with Mom and Dad

Newborns: As Seen by Janine is the latest development in my photography business!

Olive in Brown Basket with Mom's Wedding Bouquet

Olive in Brown Basket with Mom’s Wedding Bouquet

A natural follow-up to adding weddings to my services in 2013 was newborn photography. My chance came with the arrival of Olive Jolie Paciotti the first week of November, daughter of Eric and Steph Paciotti, whose wedding I photographed during Colorado’s Great Flood in September 2013. Total joy was the experience of photographing Olive at 3-weeks-old and also getting a gorgeous family photo with her parents! (more…)

"As Seen by Janine: Eyes of the World Images Photo Blog"  by Janine Fugere. 

Come take a look at the world "As Seen by Janine." 

My cameras and lenses are my "Eyes of the World."  Please enjoy the view! 

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