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Upper Forest Lake at Colorado’s Continental Divide: Behind the Scenes Specs

Upper Forest Lake and Continental Divide in Late Spring

There is nothing like a hike up to a high country Colorado alpine lake to remind me that I live in one of the most splendid places on earth! I love this photograph of Upper Forest Lake at the Continental Divide.

Upper Forest Lake and Continental Divide in Late Spring

This spot is located in James Peak Wilderness, one of my favorite areas to hike, backpack, camp, ski, fish, and of course, take stunning photographs like this one! (more…)

Alternative HDR Technique: Guest Blogger Tutorial by James Woody

HDR Example Image 8 - Alternative HDR (created using adjusted exposure virtual copies of the middle exposure)

As promised, I am happy to present the first ever Guest Blogger post on As Seen by Janine’s Photo Blog. James Woody, a photographer from Houston, explains in detail an alternative HDR technique which enables the creation of a multi-exposure HDR photograph from a single exposure.  (more…)

Alternative HDR Technique: Coming Soon!

I love to make HDR (High Dynamic Range) photographs. If you didn’t catch my earlier post about why I love HDR so much, click here to read HDR Photos: Capturing the Elusive Sweet Dulcinea.

HDR photographs are processed using at least three bracketed exposures of the same shot: one shot for the metered exposure, one for the shadows, and one for the highlights. At times, there can be many more exposures, depending on how much range of contrast is in the scene. I’ve made HDR shots with as many as ten combined exposures in one stop increments. However, it is not always practical to take multiple exposures, or even if it is, the subject may be in motion due to wind or movement of the subject itself. (more…)

Pet Portraits As Seen by Janine!

Outdoor Adventure Pet Portrait

Pet Portraiture is one of my favorite areas of photography.  No better time than the holidays to have portraits made of your pet! Here are three  samples of portraits I’ve taken of my own dog, Kiah, a Blue Heeler (Australian Cattle Dog). (more…)

Daniel Bailey’s “Going Fast With Light” eBook Reviewed

Dan Bailey’s Going Fast With Light

I was super-excited when I learned Daniel Bailey’s newest eBook was going to be about “Going Fast With Light.”  This eBook is an outstanding resource, whether you’re totally new to off-camera flash, or you’re a pro photographer looking for ways to lighten up your arsenal of off-camera lighting gear! (more…)

The Making of My DIY Beauty Dish

1 - RS DIY-Beauty-Dish-Canon-430EXII-Speedlight

Making my own DIY Beauty Dish is one of the coolest things I’ve ever had the satisfaction of accomplishing! (more…)

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