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Raven Steals the Moon

Art documentation is an area of great photographic interest to me.  This is my favorite piece of artwork I have photographed:

Raven Steals the Moon - by Ed Archie Noise Cat

Raven Steals the Moon - by Ed Archie Noise Cat

Raven Steals the Moon was created by Ed Archie Noise Cat (Salish; Shuswap/Stl’atl’imx; Lillooet). The artist was born 1959 and he created this cast glass sculpture in 2003, in Santa Fe, New Mexico.  My photograph of Raven Steals the Moon was taken in Washington, D.C. at the National Museum of the American Indian, where it is exhibited in the “Our Universes” Gallery.

The Raven, in American Indian mythology, is often portrayed as the Creator of human beings, in contrast with many Norse and Anglo Saxon myths, which cast Raven as a Warrior or even as Death.  American Indian myths instead deem that Raven created and protects people.  Many myths include the depiction of Raven stealing the sun, the stars, and the moon, to provide light and life for his people.

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