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Wonder what happens when two extremely talented photographers team up, both gifted in their creative use of strobe lighting, and also both clearly a bit on the crazy side (okay, maybe more than just a bit crazy)???

THE FLASH BUS TOUR, that’s what!

The Flash Bus Tour is a training being presented by two famous guys in the photography world: David Hobby (former newspaper photojournalist & founder of & Joe McNally (former National Geographic photographer, now also famous for the Giant Polaroid Collection known as The Faces of Ground Zero, & the author of several books including my current read, “The Hot Shoe Diaries”).

Hobby & McNally describe the Flash bus tour better than I could put it in my own words:  “Demonstrating the speed of light while rolling across the country at the speed of a moving bus.” It’s a cross-country extravaganza that’s been underway for some time.

Recently, at the San Diego show of the Flash Bus Tour, they synch flashed 60 strobes at once with a TTL wireless commander. We’ll see if one of my flashes ends up being included in their new record, which will hopefully be set in Denver!


Be there or be square… 😉

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