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Karen, Henry and Anna Family Portraits in Eldorado Canyon State Park

This family portrait of Karen, Henry and Anna has been a long time in coming and I could not be more proud of the finished photograph!

Karen, Henry & Anna - B&W Family Portrait

Karen, Henry & Anna – B&W Family Portrait – Eldorado Canyon State Park

I say a long time in coming because Karen received a gift certificate for an As Seen by Janine “Them and Me” portrait session this past Christmas. However, she waited to schedule the portrait session in the summer when her kids were off school and weather would be great for outdoor location portraits. The family chose to have their portrait session in Eldorado Canyon State Park, a place special to Karen which also happens to be one of my favorite locations for outdoor portraits.

Karen specified that she wanted their family portrait to be a black and white landscape (horizontal) portrait for display in their living room as a 20×30 inch print. However, she knows relatives will also want color prints too, so she wishes to purchase a copyright free personal rights usage file of the color version for making prints for relatives. Thus the portrait was processed initially as a color photo before the black and white conversion. Below is the color original from which the black and white was created.

Karen, Henry, and Anna Color Family Portrait

Karen, Henry & Anna – Color Family Portrait – Eldorado Canyon State Park

Coordinating outfits which go well together is one thing which really helps family portraits to turn out nicely. Karen and her family really ought to become my “session stylists” because they were naturals at choosing such well-matched clothing and accessories! This is especially important when color prints are desired, but also still helpful for black and white conversions, which are easier to create when the clothing is in a similar tonal range of colors.

We took a variety of portraits as part of their “Them and Me” session. We started with family portraits of all three of them  in two different spots in the park. In addition to the family portrait, we also took individual portraits of each of the kids – High School Senior portraits for Henry, as well as portraits of his younger sister, Anna.

Henry, who loves technology and reading, chose to have his High School Senior Yearbook portrait taken posing with his Kindle Reader:

Henry Senior Portrait With His Kindle Reader

Henry Senior Portrait With His Kindle Reader

The kids’ mom had told me that Anna “really is all that” so she’d be very easy to photograph and all I’d have to do is say, “Okay, work it baby!” Boy, Karen wasn’t kidding and it certainly was true! Every pose of Anna was great, but this was her favorite:

Anna Portrait Eldorado Canyon State Park

Anna Portrait Eldorado Canyon State Park

Working with Karen’s family could not have been more delightful. They are wonderful people and very photogenic – just what photographers love!

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By Janine Fugere

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