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Daniel Bailey’s “Going Fast With Light” eBook Reviewed

Dan Bailey’s Going Fast With Light

I was super-excited when I learned Daniel Bailey’s newest eBook was going to be about “Going Fast With Light.”  This eBook is an outstanding resource, whether you’re totally new to off-camera flash, or you’re a pro photographer looking for ways to lighten up your arsenal of off-camera lighting gear!

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There’s still a few days left to get in on the Going Fast With Light contest and possibly win a $500 gift card to B&H Photo.  Everyone who buys the book by Wednesday, November 10 is automatically entered in the contest!  Don’t wait, trust me, order it now!  If you have the slightest doubt, read on for As Seen by Janine’s review of the book.

Daniel Bailey and I “met” (sort of) when we both attended The Flash Bus Tour training in Denver, CO in March, 2011, a workshop taught by off-camera flash experts Joe McNally and David (Strobist) Hobby.  While Dan and I didn’t “actually” meet that day, we both were active voices in the audience and following the workshop, we’ve connected via Blogs, Facebook, and Twitter ever since.  Dan’s work has inspired me immensely, because not only is he also seeking to get better at using off camera flash, like me, but he is an outdoors-oriented adventure photographer. Being a lover of outdoor adventure and photography myself,  added to my preference for outdoor settings even for some of my more “bread and butter” portrait photography means I need to figure out portable and manageable off-camera lighting setups.

After two recent Senior Portrait photo shoots for high school students in my area, I exchanged notes with Dan about my struggles to apply the off camera lighting techniques we’d seen at The Flash Bus Tour on these shoots.  The locations had involved some tricky lighting setups in the middle of a creek!  Dan wrote me back and asked if I could guess what his next eBook would be about and I told him, “I sure hope it’s going to be about how to do Flash Bus style lighting in a way that is light and portable!”  Turns out I was right on target with my guess and Dan let me know that indeed this was exactly the topic of his upcoming eBook.

I was the very first person to purchase Going Fast With Light” when it was released recently.  I can’t recommend this book enough if you like to take photographs outdoors.  It doesn’t matter whether you are a pro photographer or an amateur, whether you’re taking photos of action sports, portraits, candid family photo outdoors, or simply trying to get great outdoor photos of your dog – this book will help you get better lighting than you could otherwise.

Daniel Bailey’s Going Fast With Light covers the full gamut of what you’ll need to know in order to get really beautiful off-camera lighting in outdoor photography situations.  Best of all, it teaches you how to get that lighting without having to hire assistants to carry all your gear.  After all, we can’t all be Joe McNally!

The book is quite well-researched and Dan is highly skilled at explaining even the more technical aspects of off-camera flash lighting in very simple terms, making this book user-friendly.  It is also very well-organized, presenting these topics in a very logical sequence:

  • Types of Flash (while Dan is a Nikon Shooter, he’s done a great job of providing info for us Canon shooters also!)
  • Off-Camera Triggering Methods (synch cords, built-in camera flash, another flash as master, wireless radio remotes, dedicate wireless commanders)
  • Light Shaping Tools (Reflectors, Diffusers, Soft Boxes)
  • Clamps, Stands, and other Hardware
  • Power & Charger options
  • Flash Basics (Manual, TTL, Synch Speeds, Remote & Master Flashes)
  • Flash Exposure
  • Solving a Wide Variety of Outdoor Lighting Problems
  • High Contrast Scenes
  • Sunset Scenes with Main Subject Needing Fill Light
  • When to Use Bare Bulb Flash
  • When to Soften the Flash
  • Overpowering the Sun
  • Waiting for the Right Light
  • Adding Depth and Interest
  • When to Use a 2nd light
  • Motion – how to get great effects with moving subjects
  • Warm Light
  • Colored Light
  • Halo & Rim Lighting
  • Lighting the Background in a Portrait
  • Lighting Rigs (LightweightA Little Heavier, and Might Need a Second Bag rigs)
  • Light Placement and Methods of Holding Lights
  • Extensive List of Resources (Books, Videos, and Websites)

Early on in Daniel Bailey’s Going Fast With Light, in the section on Radio Triggers, Dan asks this question:  (Extra credit: How  much does Dave Black’s 8 SB-900 RadioPopper rig cost?)

As Dan already knows from my having sat at my computer, with my finger hovering over the “enter” button, in order to be the first to click “buy” when Going Fast With Light was released, I am a little competitive.  When I read that “Extra Credit” question, I discovered that I also truly love a challenge!

So, I rose to the challenge, and here is my best estimate of just how much Dave Black’s 8 SB-900 RadioPopper Rig Cost – As Seen by Janine’s Estimate:

(8) Nikon SB900 Speedlights @ 494.95 each =                        3,959.60

(1) Nikon SU800 Commander                                                       249.95

(1) Lightware 4 Square Kit                                                            269.95

(1) Lightware Make it 8 Kit                                                            104.95

(1) Lightware Handle Mount w/ Spacer                                          59.95

(1) RadioPopper PX Transmitter                                                  249.00

(2) RadioPopper PX Receivers @249.00   =                               498.00

(2 ) PX Receiver Mounting Brackets @25 =                                  50.00

(8) P1 Receiver Optic Tubes/Clear End @ 5 =                             40.00

(8) Michael Bass Designs Long Fiber Optic Tubes @25=           200.00

(1) Michael Bass Designs Dual Quad Custom Guide Block        140.00

(1) Michael Bass Designs Extra Parts Mounting Pack                  20.00

Total Cost of Dave Black’s 8 SB-900 RadioPopper Rig         $5,841.40 (Plus any shipping costs……)

I was going to provide links to where I found this information, but given my discovery of my competitive streak, I’ve decided that anyone who wishes to challenge my “extra credit” estimate can do their own darned homework!!!  😉

The important thing this “extra credit” assignment taught me is this:  I am not likely going the route of pro sports photographers like Dave Black, given the chunk of change needed to buy that sort of lighting rig.

By contrast, Dan’s book, Going Fast With Light cost me only $12.95!  Since I already own (3) Canon 430EXII Speedlights, a Canon ST-E2 dedicated wireless commander, and a variety of really portable light-shaping tools, all I really need to get better at lighting in my outdoor photography shoots is Daniel Bailey’s Going Fast With Light. This book is really helping me understand how I can get better at making my outdoor lighting setups lighter and faster, plus it’s teaching me some fabulous tricks to make that lighting truly creative and beautiful.  Thanks Dan!

Help support As Seen by Janine by using my affiliate link to purchase your copy of Dan Bailey’s Going Fast With Light:″ target=”ejejcsingle”

There’s still a few days left to get in on the Going Fast With Light contest and possibly win a $500 gift card to B&H Photo.  Everyone who buys the book by Wednesday, November 10 is automatically entered in the contest!

Enjoy Going Fast With Light!

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