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Evolution of the Ball – My Website Posting Led to Finding the Artist, a Sale, and an Ethics Lesson

Evolution of the Ball - Gateway to Coors Field Created by Artist Lonnie Hanzon

I am so excited that I have just sold this art documentation photograph of “Evolution of the Ball – Gateway to Coors Field Created by Artist Lonnie Hanzon.”  This huge bridge-like  gateway sculpture is a unique iconic Denver landmark at Coors Field, home of the Rockies baseball team.

Evolution of the Ball - Gateway to Coors Field Created by Artist Lonnie Hanzon

The most cool part is that the artist, Lonnie, whom I don’t know at all and I had no idea how to contact about the existence of this photograph, somehow found it and bought a print from my website! (more…)

Art Illumination: Flash Bus Style!

Responsible Global Leadership Academy

When the art teacher at Global Leadership Academy in Denver, Colorado asked me to photograph an art documentation project, I’d just signed up for The Flash Bus Tour.  This was a day-long speedlight training seminar being taught cross-country by David Hobby and Joe McNally, both strobe lighting “gurus” in my esteem.  (more…)

Portraits of Students with Mural Paintings

My previous post presented art documentation photographs of amazing mural paintings created by student artists.  They were painted at Global Leadership Academy, the school in Denver, Colorado where I teach. The murals represent the character traits and the school mascot; this project has really helped to instill school pride and identity in our students and staff. (more…)

Student Mural Paintings of Character Traits

I was lucky to spend two afternoons & evenings taking art documentation photographs of mural paintings made by some very talented students.  (more…)

The Flash Bus Tour in Denver Was Totally Worth the Price of Admission!

The Flash Bus Tour in Denver was one of the peak experiences in my lifetime of learning about photography!

Flash Bus Tour Denver Opening Screen



The Flash Bus Tour Avatar

Wonder what happens when two extremely talented photographers team up, both gifted in their creative use of strobe lighting, and also both clearly a bit on the crazy side (okay, maybe more than just a bit crazy)???

THE FLASH BUS TOUR, that’s what! (more…)

"As Seen by Janine: Eyes of the World Images Photo Blog"  by Janine Fugere. 

Come take a look at the world "As Seen by Janine." 

My cameras and lenses are my "Eyes of the World."  Please enjoy the view! 

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