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Topaz Fusion Express 2: Use Topaz Labs Plugins Directly from Lightroom

Topaz Fusion Express 2 Free Download

Topaz Labs offers a fantastic bundle of editing plugins for creatively enhancing digital photographs.

Topaz Labs Plugin Bundle

Topaz Labs Plugin Bundle

It is really simple to configure Adobe Lightroom so that Topaz Labs plugins are included as additional external editors within Lightroom. (more…)

L/R Blog Plugin to Export Photographs from Lightroom to Blogs

Heart Lake, Haystack Mountain & James Peak

I’m excitedly testing the L/R Blog Plugin  by This tool enables export of photos directly from Lightroom into a Blog, including interface with five different popular blog platforms.

Heart Lake, Haystack Mountain & James Peak

Heart Lake, Haystack Mountain & James Peak

This is a test image I’ve just successfully exported from LR into As Seen by Janine’s Photo Blog.  It’s not a new photo;  just an old favorite I chose for a practice export from Lightroom directly to WordPress.       (more…)

"As Seen by Janine: Eyes of the World Images Photo Blog"  by Janine Fugere. 

Come take a look at the world "As Seen by Janine." 

My cameras and lenses are my "Eyes of the World."  Please enjoy the view! 

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