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Farewell to Kurt Detwiler, First Person to Ever Publish My Photographs in His Book “Coasting Along”

Coasting Along Cover Photo of Kurt Detwiler

Today I say a sad goodbye inside my heart to Kurt Detwiler, an old friend I’d lost touch with, whom I learned passed away last night. Kurt was the first person to ever publish my photographs when I shot the cover photo and many interior accent photos for his 1997 book Coasting Along: A Bicycling Guide to the New Jersey Shore, Pine Barrens and Delaware Bay Region. I just learned of Kurt’s passing, amazingly, through someone who found me via As Seen by Janine’s Photo Blog and used my contact form to reach out to me, for which I am very grateful.

Coasting Along Cover Photo of Kurt Detwiler

Coasting Along Cover Photo of Kurt Detwiler


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